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Yenni Setiawan, together with her fiance, Warren Pino, for the past ten years has run one of the most renowned and successful weekly WCS dance events, WnY Dance, now in San Rafael. Used to be called WnY Warehouse, or fondly, “the Warehouse”, to its hundreds for devotees, has become a haven of learning and practice, and a joyful celebration of community to all who enter its door. As a teacher, her meticulous attention to detail and ability to see and understand the unique dance needs of each of her students, combined with her contagious smile, generous heart, and unwavering support, make her one of the most beloved teachers of the area.

Yenni Setiawan has been dancing since age 4, learning ballet, jazz, modern and theater while growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. By the time she was 7 she was a regular performer on both stage and television. Yenni moved to San Francisco for college, graduating from the San Francisco Academy of Art with a degree in Interior Design.
Yenni discovered West Coast Swing in 2005. Rose through the ranks in an amazingly short period of time, very quickly being invited to dance in Champion division. Her dance style embodies effortless elegance, grace, beauty, and poise; her technique is impeccable, her lines flawless, and her poise masterful.
As impressive as Yenni’s personal dance resume is, the real testament to her love of dance lies in how much she has given back to the dance community over the years.





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