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Hannah Guttman fell in love with West Coast Swing in 2011, when she attended her first dance event, Boogie by the Bay. Inspired by this experience, she began her dance journey. By 2014, Hannah began dancing in the All-Stars division, and began to delve into teaching soon after. Over the past few years, Hannah has been honored to judge competitions at such prestigious events as Boogie by the Bay, Swingtacular, and Capital Swing.

Hannah is known for her elegant and unique style, which takes inspiration from training in solo dance, ballroom, and music.

Partnered with joyful, and involved group lessons, Hannah strives to, and finds great joy in providing personalized guidance to anyone at any point in their dance journey.

She is available for private/ group lessons and judging at local dances, various dance conventions, and locally in Sonoma County.

Contact information:

Test Messages:   707-849-4271
Instagram:  hannah_guttman

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